Code for safe parking of underground scraper

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 Underground scraper type scraper is a kind of construction equipment, often used in road construction, construction, mining and other fields. The use of the device greatly saves the use of manpower, reducing the labor intensity, improve the construction efficiency, is now often used in the construction of a device. How should it be safe to stop?
① reset the joystick, boom in the end, the bucket down and touch the ground.
② Place the parking lock in the locked position.
③ disconnect the car power switch and the main power switch. The side of the unloading scraper parked on the ground, if stopped on the slope, the need to use triangular wood or stone to wedge the wheel.
④ Drag the side unloading scraper, in addition to the normal drag or pull rod to add a safety chain or wire rope, long distance traction, you must disconnect the drive system.
⑤ will be unloading side scraper in the absence of turquoise, no dripping, no patio collapse, no blasting operations smashing and other security incidents occurred.
      ⑥ Check whether the brake oil is sufficient before parking, whether the tire inflation pressure is sufficient, whether the rim bolts are loose, but also to check whether there is oil leakage, cable damage and other obvious need to repair the place, check the cable is fixed and reliable, in case for need.
      Stop the underground scraper in a safe position, the bucket down to contact with the ground, while the parking lock lever into the locked position, press the stop button, if stopped on the slope, be sure to use triangular wood or stone to the tire Wedge to prevent accidental accidents. Xiao Bian: llo
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