Precautions when buying the loader

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(1) the choice of models
In the purchase of loaders mainly based on operating environment and functional use on the choice. If you are in the quarry and soft base operations, multi-use crawler loader.

(2) the choice of power
Generally use of construction machinery dedicated diesel engine, in a special geographical operation, such as altitude above 3000m, should use a special plateau diesel engine.

(3) the choice of transmission type
The general selection of hydraulic - mechanical transmission of which the key components are the choice of torque converter form. At present, China's production of the loader more use of twin turbines, single-stage two-phase hydraulic torque device.

(4) other precautions
In the selection of loaders, but also give full consideration to the loader's braking performance, including a number of brake, parking brake and emergency brake three. Brake; hoof-style, clamp-type and wet multi-chip three. Brake drive mechanism is generally used force device, the power source of compressed air, gas roof oil, and hydraulic three. At present commonly used is the top oil brake system, the general use of dual-circuit braking system to improve the safety of travel.
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