Maintenance Method of Torque Converter for Underground Loader

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With the sustained and rapid development of China's national economy, as the main construction equipment of the underground loader in the national economic construction plays an increasingly important role. And its hydraulic and hydraulic system transmission performance directly affects the quality and efficiency of construction, so understand and master its use and maintenance of knowledge and exclusion technology is an important part of modern engineering and technical personnel.
Underground loader torque converter maintenance methods:
① After the work of each class, should check the underground loader gearbox on the combination of tightening the situation, if loose, should be tightened in time.
② After every 100h operation, remove the fuel filler nut on the torque converter cover, check the oil level with the oil level, the oil level should be between the upper and lower marks. When measuring, the tractor should be in a horizontal position. When oil is insufficient, it should be added in time.
③ the lubricating oil for the gear oil, pay attention to keep the gear oil clean, the oil should not have mechanical impurities, otherwise it will accelerate the gear wear. When refueling, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the filling tool and the fuel filler.
④ underground loader every 500h or so should be cleaning the gearbox, replace the gear oil. The cleaning method is as follows: After the work of the underground loader after the release of spoiled oil, and then add the right amount of clean diesel, tractor forward, back several times, and then release the diesel, then add clean gear oil. Note that different seasons should use different specifications of the gear oil, winter winter gear oil, summer with summer gear oil.
In addition to regularly check the seal of the oil seal and liner cardboard, the integrity of the situation, if necessary, should be replaced. Replacement, the thickness of the liner cardboard should be the same with the original thickness to ensure the correct axial clearance, to ensure the normal operation of the underground loader. Xiao Bian: ppo
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