Loader loading and unloading instructions

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1. The loader's engine water temperature and lubricating oil temperature reaches the specified value before the full load operation, when the water temperature or oil temperature exceeds 363K (90 degrees) should be stopped to find the reason to be less than 363K (90 degrees) Before the operation, otherwise it will damage the engine.
2. When the loader is safe, it is required to prohibit the shoveling of the cargo at the angle of the front and rear body. Before taking the goods, make the front and rear body to form a straight line, align and close to the pile, while the bucket parallel to the ground, and then pick up.
3. Loader in the loading and unloading operation process, in addition to scattered food, not allowed to use high-speed file picking.
4. Do not be driving while lifting the bucket.
5. Bucket shovel cargo should be balanced, not allowed to bucket heavily loaded cargo.
6. Loaders are used to carry and short-distance transport of bulk materials vehicles, prohibit the use of bucket for excavation operations.
7. Before the driver leaves the car, the bucket should be placed on the ground to prohibit the driver from leaving when the bucket is vacant.
8. Lifting bucket below the station is strictly prohibited or overhaul operations. If you have to repair the vehicle when the bucket is lifted, take support measures against the bucket and ensure that it is firm and reliable.
9. Do not use the bucket to raise personnel to engage in high operations.
10. It is forbidden to shovel directly onto the ship's shore.
11. Under the overhead pipeline operation, the bucket should be careful not to touch the top of the obstacles, in the high-voltage transmission lines below the operation, the bucket should also maintain a sufficient safe distance with the transmission line.
12. In dumping the material for the truck, the bucket should not scratch the vehicle before the bucket, the unloading action to ease. In the unloading operations, should pay attention to the bucket do not scratch the car. In the push or scraping operations, should observe the operation at any time, found that the vehicle forward blocked, should be prudent operation, not forced forward.
13. After parking, turn the joystick into the center position and install the front and rear body safety connecting rods.
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