Engine exhaust purification

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The engine exhaust gas purge comprises a housing (1) connected to the exhaust gas discharge pipe (2), characterized in that the exhaust gas discharge pipe (2) extends into the front portion of the casing (1) and the inner extension end is close to the casing (3), a water jacket (3) is connected to the exhaust pipe (2) on the top wall of the front part of the box (1), and a circulating water pipe (4) is connected to the water jacket (3) (6) is arranged in the casing (1), and the casing (1) is provided with a plurality of partition plates (5) for driving the tail gas to flow in a tortuous manner, and the casing (1) is provided with a filter drawer (8) for filtering the passing exhaust gas, and a rear portion of the casing (1) is connected with a gas discharge pipe (7) extending upward.

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