ZL936 Mining Load

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Main technical characteristics
◆ machine frame with Q460 high-density sheet bearing capacity. Anti-distortion, anti-stretch, especially for underground operations
◆ machine working hydraulic system using VHP ultra-high pressure working oil pump, single pump shunt system, energy saving.
◆ strong power reserve equipment, shovels digging force, so that underground operations more efficient. Excellent economic performance.
◆ machine standard rock dedicated bucket, the main board with wear-resistant alloy casting process, work lasting strong. Bucket with digging machine alloy shovel teeth, shovel loading force to further enhance.
◆ machine standard high and low adjustable roof carport. More adaptable, the ground from the roof maximum height of only 2.4 meters.
◆ machine standard nylon nylon 20 grade resistance resistant cutting tires, for your shoveling work escort.
◆ YZXBW-936 standard imported exhaust gas purifier, standard secondary water filtration system to ensure that the working environment is more clean and environmentally friendly to protect the health of employees work.
◆ This product is specialized in iron ore, gold mine, copper mine, lead-zinc mine, aluminum and other heavy metal ore
project parameter
Rated bucket capacity 2.0m3
Rated load 3.6T
The greatest rise of power 110KN
Largest traction 70KN
Hydraulic torque converter JY-315type
Gearbox JY-428type
Power arm lift time 6.0S
Three times and time 8.0S
Machine size long6680mm
high2400mm(Ground to roof)
Tail gas filtration Import exhaust purification + water tank secondary purification system
engine Dongfanghong 6108 engine
power 92KW
Hydraulic system pressure 25Mpa
steering system Full hydraulic load sensing
Maximum unloading height 3000mm
frame Reinforced Mine Underground Special Rack
Bucket Iron-specific rock reinforced bucket (can be customized with side unloading bucket)
Tire specifications 17.5-25 type or optional 12.00-24 type dedicated nylon tire
Optional Side bucket bucket, chain, import purifier

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