YZXBW-100 Underground internal combustion scraper

  • 产品名称: YZXBW-100 Underground internal combustion scraper
  • 产品分类: YZXBW-100 Underground internal combustion scraper
  • 企业名称: 神话工程机械有限企业
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◆ Rotary support connected to the rear of the rack swing, greatly reducing the failure rate
◆ Walking system with full hydraulic operation, so that the scraper operation more agile, effectively reducing the failure rate, improve work efficiency.
◆ working system using pilot hydraulic system, the work process is more simple, more efficient, lower labor intensity.
◆ Set the working brake, parking brake and emergency brake in one, simplifying the braking system, the brake with friction plate spring brake, hydraulic pressure to lift the brake, the brake safe and reliable.
◆ bucket with V-type structure, reducing the shovel resistance, can also choose flat mouth shovel.
◆ engine exhaust treatment using three-way catalyst and water filtration dual purification system, the maximum solution to the air pollution.
◆ suitable for shovel transport after blasting the ore, wool, can also be used for roads, railways and tunnels and other projects.

Rated bucket capacity1.0m?  

Minimum ground heigh210mm

Rated load200kg

Minimum turning radius4320mm(Outside the bucket)

Maximum shovel force55KN

Maximum unloading height1000mm 

Largest traction60KN

Total Weight6.9t

Driving speed0——12km

Minimum unloading distance800mm

Maximum climbing ability≦20?


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