zl920 Mining Load

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Main technical characteristics
1. The use of mine loader dedicated variable torque converter and drive axle, an increase of the reliability of the machine. Bridge wheel distance narrow (track 1320mm), the axle is relatively short, increasing the car's torque, enhance the car's digging force to improve work efficiency, greatly reducing the bridge damage rate. The machine's ultra-narrow track, ultra-low height through the small artificial roadway.
2. Vehicle structure with thickening of low-alloy high-strength steel plate, high strength, small deformation, anti-collision, especially to adapt to underground operations.
3. Engine with Dongfanghong LR series of mine-specific, powerful, power, low noise, low emissions, and the use of imported three-way catalytic converter and water filter double exhaust purification device, reducing air pollution, effectively improving the underground operations surroundings.
4. The use of articulated structure, turning radius is small, flexible steering.
5. Standard mine dedicated rock bucket, more efficient operation.
6. This model is mainly applicable to the tunnel, iron ore, lead-zinc mine, copper, gold and other metal mines and coal mines.

The main technical parameters

Bucket volume (SAE stack) 0.7m? can also be customized

Engine YCD4R11G-68 Yuchai Mine dedicated

Load capacity1800kg

power     50kw

The largest digging force50KN

Torque converterJY280

Three times and time≦9s

Hydraulic system pressure  20Mpa

Highest speed25km

Steering system full hydraulic load sensing

Maximum unloading height1850mm

Tire specifications Standard 12-16.5 Mine dedicated nylon tire
Optional chain

Turning radius3300mm

Exhaust gas purification imported water purifier + water filter

Dimensions (length) 4999mm × (width) 1600mm × (high) 1490mm

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